Do You Sometimes Secretly Wish You Weren't A Woman?

the universal woman May 05, 2020

Being a woman can be tough. I get it. You go to work – you have to work twice as hard. You stay at home – you take care of three other people. It's exhausting. Plus, if you're anything like most women I've coached, you think it's normal to nurture and care for others. You are, afterall, the glue.

You hold teams together. You bring people together. You keep families together! And if you don't do it, who else will? No one else is taking responsibility for it, as far as we've noticed.

It's tiring, and it can really suck. Sometimes you get annoyed and resentful. You think it's unfair and you wish things were different. You might even secretly wish that... you weren't a woman.

You have your own wishes and desires... but you almost never get to prioritize them! If only life were different...

But hang-on, it's not always like that. When you do receive appreciation for all that you do, it's amazing. You feel so loved. The people around you recognize that you do have a superhuman...

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