Magenta. 💕 Download Divine Love this Vesak Day & Week

Happy Vesak Day!

Mine started with a dream of an old highschool friend. I woke up, suddenly anxious. I used an Aura-Soma pomander, checked the time, and realized a middle-of-the-night webinar with Mike Booth that I really wanted to attend was just starting! 

Perfect timing, I thought!

I logged in, and the first sentence I heard was, "Is everyone here?" 


We did a meditation with magenta, and Mike spoke about magenta.

I too wish to share on magenta. I'm looking at her right now, asking, "what do you want me to say?" 

Here's B67, a body oil that's a gorgeous combination of plants, herbs, minerals and crystals. Of truly exceptional quality. 

Magenta is about divine love. "Love from above", we say in Aura-Soma.

There's an old story that goes once upon a time, there was a battle. They'd run out of medical supplies but somehow had a bottle of magenta paint... The wounds were painted and miraculously healed. (Don't do that!). Such is the story of...

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