What Does Your Heart Whisper? 💗

I'd Love to share something quite special with you today. 

A few of you asked me in the survey (thank you!) where I get my strength and direction from. Who I follow. How God, Love, The Universe, Soul have brought me to where I am.. 

Well, here's a window into that 

About 2 years ago, I found myself at a temple in India.

I'd just left Everything & Everyone I Loved behind in Scotland. Was absolutely heartbroken at leaving, and felt quite lost as to, well, what next? 

I was shattered. I might have cried 3 days in a row. 

(I even made oatcakes from scratch to temporarily quench my heartache for what felt like home -- the Welsh have a word for that, Hiraeth)

(here are the oatcakes..)

Well, one day, I was seated on the floor of my temple guesthouse room, facing my bed, eyes closed and meditating.

And I reached this really, really still point.

I'm sure many of you have experienced that.

But then something happened.

I heard my heart say, "There's nothing I need in this life. What do You want me to do?" What will You have me do?

And then something really happened. The Voice asked me, "Really?!"

I noticed my Soul checking in with Heart.."Yes, Really." It wasn't instantaneous.

It was more like... a choice. The decision to cross a threshold. The will to take that step. 

I had to actually ask myself. And muster up the WILL to choose.

"Yes, Really." Sigh, a letting go. 

What happened next was instantaneous.

A vision filled me immediately, of what I would create in my life. Along with a name for that creation. A linguistic container large enough, strong enough, refined enough to hold that vision.

I wrote it down and drew a picture afterwards.

And then I spent 1.5 years after that totally forgetting that sacred crossing of the threshold.. that affirmation of YES, I'm willing to choose the path of letting go:  affirming there's really nothing I need in this life. ... and instead I frantically worried about how the heck I was going to create such big a vision... build such a huge creation, all on my own. And felt totally inadequate and like I'd already failed. At life. Whatever that means. 

LOL. I'm grateful to smile and laugh with compassion now, at that version of me. 

There's a lot more to this story, a lot more to those moments, the context, the temple, the teacher, the history, and.. what happened in the immediate vicinity and hours that followed the star-crossed choice-point of "Yes, Really!"

There's a lot of magic in this. 

But today I want to share with you the piece of "Yes, Really!" 

And how as I return to that place of "Yes, Really, there's nothing I need. What will You have me do?" ... 

the Strength, Energy and Power to do a LOT flows through my fingertips and feet, through my head, my vision and my whole being. 

My Teacher who built this Temple says that...

"If you dedicate yourself to the world, you will be given the energy and the strength to do great things."

So here's a question for You: 

how do you dedicate yourself to the world? Shhh.... what does Love in your Heart whisper? Shh..... 

What do you dedicate yourself to?

Listen inside. There's a voice whispering.

I'd love to hear - write to me and let me know! ❤️

All the love, from all the worlds... may you be happy, peaceful and free from fear




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