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Happy Vesak Day!

Mine started with a dream of an old highschool friend. I woke up, suddenly anxious. I used an Aura-Soma pomander, checked the time, and realized a middle-of-the-night webinar with Mike Booth that I really wanted to attend was just starting! 

Perfect timing, I thought!

I logged in, and the first sentence I heard was, "Is everyone here?" 


We did a meditation with magenta, and Mike spoke about magenta.

I too wish to share on magenta. I'm looking at her right now, asking, "what do you want me to say?" 

Here's B67, a body oil that's a gorgeous combination of plants, herbs, minerals and crystals. Of truly exceptional quality. 

Magenta is about divine love. "Love from above", we say in Aura-Soma.

There's an old story that goes once upon a time, there was a battle. They'd run out of medical supplies but somehow had a bottle of magenta paint... The wounds were painted and miraculously healed. (Don't do that!). Such is the story of magenta. 

When I first learned to practice and master-instruct I.E.T, a system of energy work that releases 'stuck emotion', we'd occasionally use something called a "pink bubble". If it was proving "hard" to move energy, you just reached up (like a 911 to Soul) and asked for a pink bubble! It was magenta, really, in my eye, and you know, it worked for me every darn time. Something that was hard to move just softened and gave way. A prayer for grace, divinely answered.

I learned I.E.T. because in the very first session I ever received, freshly graduated from a physics degree at Yale, I felt like a red hot iron had branded my skull for a few life-changing moments... even though nothing in the realm of Visible was touching me.

At that point, I hadn’t experienced anything like that before. I found out from my practitioner that in those moments, her hands were several inches above my head, doing what she called a "Soul Star Activation". 

In Aura-Soma, we say that Magenta is the color of the Soul Star. I've also heard it said (I think it was by the beautiful Guru Poonamji!) that Magenta is the color of the 8th Chakra.

Your blueprint. My blueprint. Blessed Magenta.

Which brings me (finally!) to what's special about Vesak Day.

Today's full moon is a day celebrating and honoring enlightenment. Awakening. That wondrous, blessed, grace-filled process by which our human mind and ego learn to fully, completely step. out. of. the. way. and Let Soul Lead. That process of becoming Lord Buddha. His birth, his enlightenment, his death.

Magenta. It takes grace and love from above to awaken in that way. You can't do it on your own.

So today and throughout this coming week, here's Magenta's invitation to you: can you Intend to receive Divine Love in your Cup and let it overflow?

Here are some ideas of how.

1. Bathe in Magenta. Use the power of your imagination, your clothes, and fabric.

2. Reach Up for that Pink Bubble! And then, send it around the world (let your cup overflow)

3. Ask. Request Soul and the Divine to fill you up.

4. Journal. What are the moments in your life where you've felt "lifted by a higher power" out of one octave of reality and into another... ?

Because when I tap into Love From Above, I feel it as the energy that nourishes ALL OF LIFE. The energy that gives you abundant grace, strength in the everyday, and the actual ability to step out of the way and let God lead.

I sense Magenta as a reminder to surrender.

And let your Soul's blueprint guide you forth. (i.e. as I’ve been hearing yesterday and today from my books and my own coaches, “get out of your own way, Daksha. It’s really not about you!” (if I had "my" way, I wouldn't be blogging or writing emails good gosh no, I'd be hiding at my desk daydreaming about blogging and writing emails :D))


Here's a book I dipped into today. 

It's where I found my inspiration to share this post. 

The "ping" it gave me was, "can you use your energy in the service of others rather than just for yourself"

Indeed, a very “magenta moment”! Synchronous, full of grace, and cup overflowing. Much like the start of my day.

Enjoy the synchronicities… Notice them, jot them down in a diary. Give thanks for this precious gift of your life. Amen. Om. Happy Vesak Day!

With all my love 💕,

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