Do You Sometimes Secretly Wish You Weren't A Woman?

the universal woman May 05, 2020

Being a woman can be tough. I get it. You go to work – you have to work twice as hard. You stay at home – you take care of three other people. It's exhausting. Plus, if you're anything like most women I've coached, you think it's normal to nurture and care for others. You are, afterall, the glue.

You hold teams together. You bring people together. You keep families together! And if you don't do it, who else will? No one else is taking responsibility for it, as far as we've noticed.

It's tiring, and it can really suck. Sometimes you get annoyed and resentful. You think it's unfair and you wish things were different. You might even secretly wish that... you weren't a woman.

You have your own wishes and desires... but you almost never get to prioritize them! If only life were different...

But hang-on, it's not always like that. When you do receive appreciation for all that you do, it's amazing. You feel so loved. The people around you recognize that you do have a superhuman gift: you're a woman! Sometimes you do feel like your feminine qualities are extraordinarily valued.

But let's be real here. How often does that happen? Twice a year on Mother's Day and your birthday? Once a quarter at work? Less?


Here's a wake-up call.

The world will not fall apart if you, as a woman, put yourself first.

In fact, the world – and your family and your work – will be a better place if you put yourself first.

Read that again. The world will be a better place if you put yourself first. The people around you will be better-off if you put yourself first.

Because when you put yourself first, you feed the well that keeps giving (That's you. You are the well that keeps giving... And that's why you might be feeling depleted).

I'm here to tell you that it's okay to nurture You. It's okay to take time out and rest. It's okay to spend time in nature. In fact, go take that long bubble bath right now. You have the time to breathe. Really.

When you do that, you become relaxed. When you take care of yourself, slowly and calmly, you enter your natural state of being. Your entire nervous system calms down.

When your nervous system calms down, your passion shines. You get to be a beacon of light.

And you know what? When you do that... Then all that nurturing and caring that you give others – all that relationship glue-ing and responsibility-taking that you do for others – all of that happens with so much more ease.


Here are 4 things you can do right now to put yourself first:

  1. Close your eyes and breathe. Long, luxuriously deep breaths. The kind that you'd never think you have the time to take. Imagine it soothing you like warm honey.

  2. Imagine moonlight pouring like liquid silver over your head and dripping warmly into you, into your womb...

  3. Feel your feet on the ground. Be totally present for your feet on the ground. Imagine Mama Earth rising up to greet your poor, tired feed!

  4. Go take a luxurious bath. Massage an oil into your feet. Give your head a good, refreshing rub!


When you put yourself first, life stops being an uphill battle. You stop having to effort so much. And you get the same results at home and at work, with a lot . more . ease.

 You want to be a superwoman? Do you want to be a truly powerful woman? Are you ready to never again secretly wish you weren't a woman?

Then take care of yourself. First! We need you to.

You will get superwoman powers. I assure you.

If you want help and community in finding your superwoman strength, join The Universal Woman.

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Now, go take care of YOU! 💕 And when you're ready, find us at The Universal Woman over here xxxx


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